In the UK, we are about to start another slow ease back from over three months of lockdown.

And for those of us fortunate enough to have work and options, this next phase presents a crossroads.

We can continue to do things based on or conforming to what has generally done or believed.

Or we can break from convention and, instead of returning to what has been, reimagine what is to come.

As our distractions have reduced, it is becoming a lot harder to ignore the problems we need to solve.

Sadly, despite as many of us would love to…

Something has been bugging me.

For years, I’ve wondered why we’ve not resolved the tension between ‘normal’ marketing creative and PR creative.

Why PR teams often incite eye rolls from frustrated brand teams as they explain that certain ideas “don’t work in PR”.

The struggle is real.

The teams have spent months refining a creative vision, honing the insight, testing with consumers and going through rounds with the board as each finer detail is challenged and tweaked.

Everything has been refined to within an inch of its life (and everyone’s tethers), and a fierce agreement has been cemented that we…

Why I’m Choosing to Change.

This International Women’s Day, the theme is ‘challenge’.

What can I challenge to make a better world for women?

My first reaction is always to revert to my fight mode immediately.

I want to talk about and challenge the broader clear, and systematic inequalities that exist.

I want to get angry about the breezy way women’s health issues are swept under the carpet or put in the ‘too difficult to solve’ box.

I want to point out the distressing data that shows that even common and traumatic conditions like endometriosis can still take up to…

I have a problem.

Hopefully with support, I’ll make it through.

I suffer from a severe case of verbal opacity…otherwise known as the inability not to speak marketing b*ll*cks.

I can’t get enough of it.

Now I think about it, the signs and symptoms have always been there.

My diary is like a cry for help. Full of “Ideation Sessions” and “Connection Workshops”.

I’ll talk about “leveraging” rather than just saying “we need to make more of this.” I’ll “spark concepts” rather than “come up with ideas.” I’ll “circle back on this” rather than “talk about it again.”

And I’m…

Katherine Arnull

Strategist. Still learning.

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